Daily Living Skills Programs

Daily Living Skills Programs

Adaptive Skills Training

Through the utilization of ABA techniques and strategies, children and individuals are taught: self-care (taking medicine, bandaging a cut), self-help (personal hygiene), independent living skills, functional communication, social relational, and safety practices within the home and community environment. Deficits in adaptive skills are often associated with the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. It often becomes apparent when a child or individual exhibits difficulty engaging in or completing day-to-day routine tasks.

Young Adults Day Program

CARE’s day program serves the diverse needs of young adults with developmental, behavioral, and physical challenges in a space that is safe, caring, and supportive. Our goal is to assist young adults reach their fullest potential for personal growth, independence, and life fulfilment.

The part-time and full-time program is available on a six to ten-week cycle. The curriculum addresses behavior management, emotional development, personal self-care, skill-building, prevocational and vocational development.