How Virtual Consultation works: (via telehealth HIPAA-compliant video conferencing)

How Virtual Consultation Works:
(via Telehealth HIPAA-compliant video conferencing)

Our virtual platform allows us to connect with those not physically able to come to our clinic because of time, distance, or other constraints.

Our clinicians conduct a brief assessment of behavioral challenges, suggest a plan to redirect behavior, observe behaviors as they happen, and offer immediate, appropriate feedback, and provide guidance to parents/caregivers.

Our virtual consultation program guides and provides direction to parents on implementing ABA skills learned in Parent Training. Our clinicians are able to observe via video conferencing, speak in the parent’s ear using Bluetooth tools, and guide parents in immediately addressing, intervention, and redirecting challenging behaviors in real time.

In order to utilize this service, the following technology is required:

A web camera

A high-Speed Internet connection

Capability to download secured software